• Praxisorientiert

    Mein wissenschaftliches Hauptaugenmerk gilt Fragestellungen, die sich aus meiner Berufspraxis ergeben.

  • Methodisch breit aufgestellt

    Mit translations- und wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Vorbildung arbeite ich interdisziplinär.

  • International

    Studiert habe ich in Deutschland, Frankreich, Irland und Russland.

The market for language services such as translation and interpretation features certain characteristics. These include a high degree of fragmentation and a large number of free-lance service providers. II have been interested in this market for many years, not least because I am a free-lance translator and conference interpreter myself.

Current Project

My current project focuses on pricing for free-lance service providers as an important element of their marketing mix.

Completed Projects

In the past, I have been interested in questions of services marketing for language service providers in particular.


I particularly enjoy an opportunity to present my work to the interested public.

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